Overview of Services for Students & Alumni

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During your career, it is essential to assess your strengths and develop the skills to advance your career goals. We provide support in three critical areas: (1) Job Search; (2) Career Education and Professional Development; and (3) Recruiting and Networking Opportunities.

  • Job Search: The legal profession comprises many areas of practice, each requiring a distinct set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Throughout the academic year, we conduct panel discussions, brown bag lunches, and workshops covering a broad range of topics including job search nuts and bolts, substantive practice overviews, and self-assessment.
  • Career Education and Professional Development: The CDO educates students regarding legal employment opportunities in the following sectors: public interest, government, law firms, corporate counsel, and alternative careers. The CDO also works closely with students to develop the professional skills necessary to enter the job market as competitive applicants who are practice-ready.
  • Recruiting and Networking Opportunities: The CDO organizes on-campus interview opportunities and hosts panels and receptions. Public interest, government, and private sector employers participate throughout the year.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet individually with a Career Development Office counselor to discuss career choices, job search strategies, resume and cover letter preparation, and interviewing techniques.