Non-Discrimination Policy Complaint Procedure

  1. Oral complaint. A student may make an oral complaint to the Assistant Dean of Career Development. If the student does not wish to pursue the matter following the initial conversation with the Assistant Dean, the employer will not be informed of the complaint and no notes or record of the complaint or conversation will be kept.
  2. Written complaint. A student who wishes to have his or her complaint recorded and pursued may complete and submit a Non-Discrimination Incident Report Form. Students must first seek informal resolution of the matter, as described above, before filing a formal complaint.

After discussing the complaint with the student, the Assistant Dean may, in appropriate cases, contact the employer to discuss the complaint and to clarify the employer's policies and practices. If the complaining student so requests, the Assistant Dean will preserve the student's anonymity to the extent practical in discussing the complaint with the employer.

The Assistant Dean will keep written records of the complaint, related conversations, and any informal compromise or resolution of the matter. Such records shall be solely for the use of the Career Development Office.

Any student who submits a written complaint and subsequently decides not to pursue the matter may withdraw his or her complaint and the Non-Discrimination Incident Report Form will be destroyed and no record of the complaint will be kept. If the employer has already been contacted when the student drops the complaint, the employer will be told that the student has withdrawn the complaint and the employer will have an opportunity to respond to the substance of the complaint if the employer so wishes.

If the student chooses to pursue the complaint, the Assistant Dean shall then present the complaint and any supporting materials to the Vice Dean. The Vice Dean shall review the complaint and request a written response from the employer. In appropriate circumstances, the Vice Dean may wish to hear directly from the complaining student and/or employer.

If the Vice Dean finds that the employer should be sanctioned for its recruiting conduct, she may impose sanctions on the employer, including, in serious cases, barring the employer from on-campus interviewing programs at UCI Law for a stated time. Information about formal sanctions imposed on particular employers will be made available to students.