Student Q&A: Isaiah Crosby, 2L (He/Him)

Isaiah Crosby is a second-year law student from Atlanta, GA. He graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Business Economics and Political Science from UC Irvine in 2021. At UCI Law, Isaiah is involved in multiple activities on campus, including UCI Law campus ambassadors, the Black Law Student Association Co-Chair, and the UCI Moot Court Competition. Isaiah is interested in real estate and technology litigation and plans on practicing within that industry in the future. 

Photo of Isaiah Crosby

Q: Why did you choose UCI Law?

I chose UCI Law because I could see the community being a place for me before I applied, and I was confident that UCI was a place where I could be nourished as a student. I made friends with multiple people that were already law students and obtained a student worker job with the development team for UCI Law. I enjoyed working around the people in the law school and learning from those who were already students. They made it evident that UCI was a supportive community that wanted me to succeed. 

Q: Favorite class at UCI Law?

I have two favorite classes from my 1L year, Contracts and Torts. They were my most challenging classes during 1L, so I put in the extra hours. I realized I enjoyed both subjects with the extra time spent on the classes. 

Q: What's the student community like?

The student community is very supportive. With a small group of students compared to other law schools, you are bound to interact with most of your classmates and even those students a year above or below you. In my experience, I have only dealt with people looking out for me, making me more inclined to support them. Additionally, we have a large variety of law student groups here, ranging from culture-based to practice area-focused groups. Regardless of who you are, you will find a community here. 

Q: How do you feel the school is preparing you for your future career? What is your dream job?

My biggest realization of how well UCI prepares us for the real world came during my 1L summer externship. UCI over prepares us, and the attorneys I worked with informed me that my work was excellent. Based on my experience, I am confident I am ready for the future. My legal dream job is to be in real estate and technology litigation. My non-legal dream job would be to invest in real estate and live on a ranch. 

Q: What has been your favorite pro bono project?

I enjoyed the pro bono projects I was involved with, Street Law, Inc. and the Afghan Scholars Project. I will put the Afghan Scholars project at number one because the project gave me more practical training toward being an attorney due to having to engage with a client, work around the schedule of my team who was across the world, and have some role in impacting a person's life by helping people affected by the fall of Kabul.