Event Planning

If you are planning an event and need assistance, please get in touch with the Director of Student Life.

Here is a general checklist for planning:

Student Organizations - Event Planning Checklist

Step 1: Organize

  • Idea/Title for Event
  • Event Date
  • Reserve space and specify facilities and AV needs through the online Law Event Approval Form (LEAF) at least 14 days in advance
  • Create a timeline and deadlines for accomplishing tasks associated with the event
  • Contact and confirm speakers/presenters
  • Submit Performance Agreements/Contracts for Speakers and Performers with ASUCI
  • Create a budget including cost of publicity, facilities, food, parking, speaker/performer fees, decorations, etc.
  • Secure Funding: How much money does our organization have for this event?

Step 2: Resources & Getting the Word Out

  • Identify members who can assist with the event, develop a task list with deadlines for each staff person
  • Coordinate food for event, if needed
  • Coordinate parking, if needed, through Debbie Mondares
  • Purchase supplies & decorations, if needed
  • Fill out any necessary Alcohol Permit and/or Food Permit and turn in to Director of Student Life at least 12 business days in advance.
  • Purchase Liability Insurance, if needed, or have Liability Waivers
  • Create and distribute publicity/invitations for the event, be sure to include RSVP deadline if required

Step 3: Day of Event

  • Arrive early to set up and meet with all of your committee members and vendors
  • Make a detailed (minute-by-minute) schedule for day of event
  • What is each person in your organization responsible for at the event?
  • Make sure you have a take-down plan (who will help clean up, put equipment away, etc., and how long will it take?)
  • Save Sign-In Sheet to submit with reimbursement paperwork

Step 4: Post-Event

  • Write thank-you cards
  • Complete budget and reimbursements/check requests with ASUCI
  • Hold a post-event meeting with your committee to analyze data from any surveys, and make suggestions for improvements for next year or the next event
  • Praise your committee for the hard work they’ve completed!