Mental Health in Law Society

The Mental Health in Law Society at UCI Law aims to increase awareness and decrease stigma about mental health in law school, the legal profession, and the justice system. We are passionate about bringing law students together to build a stronger sense of community and interconnection. The more folks who attend events and/or get involved, the more enjoyable our time here will be!

MHLS (pronounced "mells") works to increase student access to mental health resources through advocacy and in partnership with UCI Law administration. We emphasize the value and strength of folks who struggle with mental health issues and join hands as we each walk our paths of recovery. MHLS also fosters discourse on a myriad of subjects surrounding mental health in law school, the legal profession, and the justice system.

We have one general meeting per semester when the entire student body is invited to find out what we're about and get involved if they're interested. At this time, all other board or committee meetings are scheduled ad hoc/as needed. A lot of our communications and planning are done through email, a shared planning document, and sometimes messenger or text messaging.

During meetings, including our general meeting, we discuss what kind of events or policies we'd like to work on, what our goals are for the year, and invite members of the MHLS community to take leadership roles in executing these events.

We thank our founders Alessandra Fritz and Mariam Carr (UCI Law Class of 2020).


Tara Spencer, Chair

Katie Raitz, Vice Chair

Madeline Knutson, Finance Director

Megan Gramlich, Communications Director

Darakhsha Siddiqi, Programming Director

Sean Cho, Class Representative