Dean's Fellows

No question is too big or small. Dean's Fellows can offer perspective on class preparation, outlining, exam preparation, job search, co-curricular activities, social life in Orange County and life/work balance. The Dean's Fellows will also host a variety of small gatherings and large events to connect first-year students with the larger campus community.

 Recent Dean's Fellows

  • Mackenzie Anderson

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
    Alma Mater: Knox College - International Relations
    Professional Interests: Civil and Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Education Equity, Voting Rights, Appellate Law
    Hobbies: Baking, going to Disneyland, being a huge TV nerd, and listening to way too much NPR.
    Co-Curricular: International Refugee Assistance Project, Law Review

  • Markie Betor

    (Class of 2020)
    Alma Mater: UCLA - English with a Creative Concentration and Political Science
    Hobbies: Writing stories, watching and playing basketball, and reading comic books. 
    Co-Curricular: Research Fellow, Moot Court, Transgender Legal Assistant Clinic

  • Emily Johanson

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Davis, Ca
    Alma Mater: George Washington - International Affairs; University of Oxford - Masters in Migration Studies
    Professional Interests: Immigrant rights, prison abolition, movement lawyering
    Hobbies: Traveling, enjoying live music, and acro
    Co-curriculars: National Lawyers Guild, Tijuana Border Rights Project 

  • Janista Lee

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Arcadia, CA
    Alma Mater: Scripps College - Chemistry
    Professional Interests: Complex litigation, Patent law
    Co-curricular: Asian Pacific American Law Association (APALSA), Women in Tech Law (WiTL), Law Review, Clean Slate Expungement Pro Bono Project

  • Eldrin Masangkay

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Glendale, CA
    Alma Mater: UCLA - Political Science
    Professional Interests: Employment Law, Big Law, Immigration Law
    Hobbies: Basketball, fantasy sports, politics, and video Editing
    Co-Curricular: SBA, APALSA

  • Grecia Rivas

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: East Los Angeles, CA
    Alma Mater: Princeton University - Comparative Literature; Loyola Marymount University - Master's in Urban Education
    Hobbies: Swimming, shopping at Costco, and eating sushi burritos
    Co-Curricular: LLSA, Saturday Academy of Law (SAL), Moot Court, PILF, ESLS
  • Kelly Soldati

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
    Alma Mater: University of Notre Dame - American Studies
    Hobbies: Running and swimming
    Co-Curricular: Lawyering Skills Research Fellow; Moot Court Participant; Veteran's Advocacy Society; US Army Reserve
  • Saikrishna Upadhyayula

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Riverside, CA
    Alma Mater: Pitzer College - Music; USC School of Parmacy - Doctor of Pharmacy
    Professional Interests: Healthcare Law, Intellectual Property Law
    Hobbies: Music, movies, and tennis
    Co-Curricular: Intellectual Property and Cyber Law Society; Student Bar Association
  • Hazel Verdin

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Anaheim, CA
    Alma Mater: USC - Political Science
    Professional Interests: Litigation
    Hobbies: Playing with and walking my dog
    Co-Curricular: LLSA, Moot Court
  • Jennifer Wong

    (Class of 2020)
    Hometown: Honolulu, HI
    Alma Mater: UCLA - B.S Physiological Science; Washington University - M.S. Physical Therapy 
    Professional Interests: Health law, Healthcare, Bioethics
    Hobbies: Music, making ice cream, and making sculpture cakes
    Co-Curricular: UC Irvine Law Review, Outlaw, Admissions Ambassador, Community Fellow

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