UCI Law Student Keycard Agreement

Receipt of a School of Law keycard carries the following responsibilities. The keycard holder agrees:

  • Not to compromise the security of any area or building.
  • To secure each door upon leaving the area.
  • Not to loan keycards.
  • Not to transfer keycards without prior authorization from the School of Law Facilities unit.
  • Not to duplicate keycards.
  • Not to alter keycards, locks, or mechanisms. This includes no hole-punching. 
  • Not to damage, tamper with, or vandalize any School of Law lock or hardware.
  • Not to prop open or place any object, including folded paper, as to prevent the lock latchbolt from advancing and securing a door which uses keycard access.
  • Not to give any person(s) access to keycard secured areas.
  • To return keycards when requested by School of Law officials, university police, or upon separating from the university.
  • To report any malfunctioning locks or keycards to School of Law Facilities unit by e-mail to facilities@law.uci.edu.
  • To report a lost or stolen keycard immediately in person to the School of Law Dean’s Administrative Offices front desk receptionist or by e-mail to Facilities@law.uci.edu.
  • To return obsolete or unneeded keycards to the School of Law Dean’s Administrative Offices front desk receptionist or Student Services staff.
You must present valid identification with picture, in order to be issued a UC Irvine School of Law keycard.

All keycards are the property of the UC Irvine School of Law and must be returned upon separation from the School of Law.