Alumni Highlight: Ginger Grimes '15, Civil rights lawyer at Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho

Ginger Grimes (she/her) is a civil rights lawyer at Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho in Oakland, California. Her practice focuses on class action practice in the areas of workers’ rights, voting rights, housing and homelessness, consumer rights, and disability access.   

photo of Ginger Grimes

Q: How did UCI Law prepare you for your legal practice?
I participated in three clinics during law school: the Workers’ Rights Clinic supervised by Mike Gaitley at Legal Aid at Work, the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic with Professors Ashar and Lai, and the Civil Rights Litigation Clinic led by Professor HoffmanI was inspired by the work we did as law students in the clinics, from thinking critically about the role of lawyers and the limitations of legal processes and remedies to learning how to efficiently issue-spot during client/witness interviewsMy current practice involves pieces of each clinic and I frequently grapple with the larger questions about the limitations of law and lawyering raised in those clinics. 

Q: What do you like best about your work?
I am professionally fulfilled by getting to work on a variety of cases under the umbrella of public interest litigationBut maybe more importantly, I get to live out my values in my job – I found a workplace where my contributions are valued, my employer respects my off-work time, and my work-related boundaries are respectedI am surrounded by people who are brilliant and who care a lot about improving the lives of other people.    

Q: What was the best part about being a student at UCI Law?

I was proud to be surrounded by students, faculty, and staff that, having committed a totally new and untested law school, were optimistic about our ability to change the legal profession for the betterStudents worked hard to try new things (like starting new interest groups and journals) and bring new ideas to campus for the community to considerThe law school’s staff and faculty were supportive of our curiosity and encouraged us to pursue our professional passions.  

Q: How do you stay involved with the UCI Law community?
My UCI Law friends have spread out across the country since graduating but I try to make an effort to see them when I’m nearby.  Tommy McClain (c/o 2013) is the best at keeping the Bay Area alumni connected and engaged, and I hope he continues his effortsWe would love to see more current students and recent graduates at our Bay Area alumni events – please reach out to us if you’re living in or interested in working in the Bay!