PLEASE NOTE: Members of Team Admissions & Aid are working a hybrid schedule due to our fall recruitment schedule. At this time, prospective student advising is being done via Zoom or phone.  If you wish to come to the law school, please register & attend one of the in-person information sessions.

The best way to reach a member of Team Admissions and Aid is to email either or Please allow 48-72 hours for a response, although during the week, the team responds within 24 hours. 

Updated: 09/09/2022

Admissions Ambassadors

UCI School of Law takes immense pride in the collegial environment our community has developed. Our students play a large role, if not the biggest role, in fostering that culture.  Our Admissions Ambassadors are current UCI Law students who dedicate time out of their busy schedules to serve as a resource to prospective students. Below, you will find short biographies of current Admissions Ambassadors.

 If you are interested in learning more about a student’s journey to law school and their experience so far, please email and your message will be routed to the specific Ambassador you request.  Please note: Ambassadors have limited availability over the summer break.  Ambassadors who are available over Summer 2022 will have a note in their biography so indicating.

 Please keep in mind that conversations with Ambassadors have no bearing on your admissions decision.   Rather, your conversations with them are an opportunity for you to gain insight into our student body and community. If you have any other questions regarding the admissions process, please email

  • Alyx Bogus, '23

    Hometown: San Diego, CA
    Undergrad: Point Loma Nazarene University
    Student Involvement and Interests: Christian Legal Society, First Generation Professionals Program, Public Interest Law Fund, Women in Tech Law

    “Applying for law school was a wild, stressful, and exciting time for me, so I hope I can be a good resource for others as they embark on the same journey.”

  • Clara Bourget, '24

    Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
    Undergrad: University of Toronto
    Student Involvement and Interests: First Generation Professionals Program, Public Interest Law Fund, criminal law, healthcare law, patent law

    “As a first generation professional and international student, coming to UCI Law was a big journey to take on, but I couldn't be happier with my decision. I got a lot of help from the Admission Ambassadors when I was navigating the admission and acceptance processes myself, so I am looking forward to being able to give back by helping future students!”

  • Alicia Burrell, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
    Undergrad: University of Southern California
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Women in the Law, First Generation Professionals Program, family law and litigation

    “I chose to become an Admissions Ambassador because applying for law school is a difficult, joyous, defining time and I would like to provide my help for any prospective student who needs it!”

  • Tristan Campbell, '24

    Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
    Undergrad: University of Central Oklahoma
    Student Involvement and Interests: Public policy, OutLaw

    “I wanted to become an Admissions Ambassador to help other students like me that took a non-traditional path to law school. I was nervous about transitioning to law school after finishing my graduate degree, but the support system that UCI Law provides made the adjustment so much easier.”

  • Isaiah Crosby, '24

    Hometown: Bellflower, CA and Atlanta, GA
    Undergrad: UC Irvine
    Student Involvement and Interests: Black Law Student Association, First Generation Professionals Program, real estate, civil litigation, business law

    "When I was applying to law school, it felt like I asked 1000 people what I should do and where I should go. Those 1000 people helped me navigate through the daunting admission process that led me to where I am today. So my primary hope and joy is that I have the ability to be the 1000th person that helps someone to make their final decision."

  • Brittany Emsais, ‘23

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Buena Park, CA   
    Undergrad: University of Southern California
    Student Involvement and Interests: First Generation Professionals Program, Middle Eastern & South Asian Law Student Association, Community Fellow, Clean Slate Clinic, Root & Rebound Hotline, Kill the Kill Zone, Saturday Academy of Law, post-conviction criminal law

    “UCI Law is such a great school and I would love to help students in making their decision to apply to attend and become a future Anteater!! As a first generation law student I know I relied on the help and advice of a lot of other people to get here and I want to use what I’ve learned to help others as well!"


  • Rebecca France, '24

    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Undergrad: Oregon State University
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Women’s Law Society, American Constitution Society, Intellectual Property Law Society

    “The opportunity to talk to current UCI Law students was incredibly helpful when I was going through the application process. I hope to be able to share my insights and firsthand experience with prospective students to help guide their decision.”

  • Ryan Ghassemi, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
    Undergrad: University of Southern California
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Student Bar Association, Muslim Law Students Association, Middle Eastern & South Asian Law Student Association, American Constitution Society, Kill the Kill Zone, ACLU, NAACP

    “There are so many things to consider when deciding to attend or apply to law school. I had questions about whether UCI Law would be a great fit for me. I was connected with a few students who answered all of my questions with candor. Attending UCI Law was the best decision I could have made. I enjoy UCI Law because it is markedly different from other programs. There is something for everyone at this law school. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have!”
  • Jason Grimm, '23

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Long Beach, CA, San Diego, CA, and Austin, TX
    Undergrad: UC San Diego
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Environmental Law Society, American Constitution Society, Land Use and Real Estate Society, Coastal Policy Research, Environmental Law Clinic, civil litigation, environmental law

    “I wanted to be an Admissions Ambassador because I know how important choosing the right law school is and I want to help people in any way I can. As a first generation law student with little knowledge of the legal profession prior to law school, I aim to be a bridge for students who want to learn more about the application process, UCI Law, and law school in general.”
  • Qinzhe Jin, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: China
    Undergrad: UC San Diego
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Asian Pacific American Law Student Association, Chinese Law Student Society, Business Law Society, Intellectual Property Law Society, Student Bar Association, NAACP Legal Defense Fund Case Monitoring, business law, corporate law, intellectual property

    “I would love to connect prospective students to the welcoming and supportive UCI Law community! I hope I can provide some helpful guidance for them to enjoy life here as much as I do!”
  • Kanome Jones, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Little Rock, AR
    Undergrad: Missouri State University
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Entertainment & Sports Law Society, Black Law Student Association, Business Law Society, Legal Access Corp, business law, entertainment law

    “I want to be an Admissions Ambassador to provide support, joy and guidance for prospective students through what can be a vulnerable and hectic process.  UCI Law is a wonderful place and I want to share the value of this really awesome community!”

  • Roxanne Markus, ‘23

    Hometown: Orange County, CA
    Undergrad: UC Los Angeles
    Student Involvement: First Generation Professionals Program, Pet Protection Project Pro Bono

    “Having gone through the admissions process as a first-generation college student, I understand how stressful and intimidating it can be. I wanted to become an Admissions Ambassador to serve as an open resource for prospective students to count on for guidance and support during this exciting chapter in their lives!”

  • Adriana Perera, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Norwalk, CA
    Undergrad: UC Irvine
    Student Involvement and Interests:  First Generation Professionals Program, Public Interest Law Fund, Christian Legal Society, Saturday Academy of Law, Root and Rebound, International Human Rights Clinic, public interest, education

    “I wanted to become an Admissions Ambassador to share my experience and knowledge with others in the hopes that other individuals can pursue their goals at UCI Law.  As a first-generation student and immigrant, I know the value of mentorship and support, and I hope that I can provide this help to future students.  I am excited to show others how UCI Law can provide a great legal education and a supportive and interactive community.”
  • Brenda Rosas, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Anaheim, CA
    Undergrad: UC Irvine
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Latinx Law Students Association, First Generation Professionals Program, Law Students for Educational Equity, Law Students for Immigrant Justice, Criminal Law Society, Saturday Academy of Law, Permanency Project, Public Interest Law Fund, BARBRI Ambassador, education and immigration

    “As a Latina and first-generation high school, college, and now law school student, I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate higher education. I am grateful for all the support I've received through outreach and mentorship programs and I want to continue supporting underrepresented communities like my own.”

  • Elizabeth Schatz Cordero, ‘23

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Milwaukee, WI/Chicago, IL area
    Undergrad: University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Student Involvement: Environmental Law Society, Latinx Law Students Association, Law Students for Immigrant Justice, Law Students for Educational Equity, First Generation Professionals Program

    “I want to be a student ambassador to provide guidance to prospective students just as previous UCI students did for me. As a first-gen Latina law student, I know first-hand how daunting this experience is and recognize how valuable peer-support can be during this process."

  • Katie Seaman, '23

    Hometown: Long Beach, CA
    Undergrad: UC Berkeley
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Public Interest Law Fund, Clean Slate Clinic, Saturday Academy of Law, mentorship programs, criminal law

    “Applying for and choosing a law school was an overwhelming process; I’m very happy I chose UCI Law, and I would love to help others make that same choice if it's a good one for them!”

  • Katherine Seto, ‘23

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Undergrad: Northeastern University
    Student Involvement and Interests: Women's Law Society, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, Law Students for Educational Equity

    “The UCI Law community welcomes everyone with open arms, and I’m grateful that I chose a school that supports my academics, my interests, and my well-being. As an admissions ambassador, I strive to help prospective students discover why UCI Law is uniquely empowered to cultivate passion into meaningful and benevolent work."

  • Anna Setyaeva, ‘23

    Hometown: Yekaterinburg, RUS
    Undergrad: Long Island University 
    Student Involvement and Interests: Environmental Law Society, Law Students for Immigrant Justice

    “I would like to help other first generation students, immigrants, and international students navigate complicated paths of law school admissions."

  • Jelani Shelton, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Pomona, CA
    Undergrad: UC Santa Cruz
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Black Law Student Association, OutLaw, ACLU of Southern California, entertainment law

    “Representation of a diverse student body is a crucial factor that can sway an admitted student's decision on where they will attend. As a first generation law student of color I know that the admissions process can be daunting. I am proud to be a resource and guide to potential students so they can make the most informed decision and hopefully join the UCI Law family.”

  • Ethan Smith, '23

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Wenatchee, WA
    Undergrad: Berklee College of Music
    Student Involvement and Interests:  OutLaw, Transgender Legal Assistance Clinic

    “Having a safe and supportive community and public interest opportunities were critical to my decision to attend UCI Law. I'm excited to have the opportunity to be a resource to others embarking on that decision-making process.”

  • Alliyah Thomas, '24

    Hometown: Antioch, CA
    Undergrad: UC Santa Barbara
    Student Involvement and Interests:  First Generation Professionals Program, Black Law Student Association, litigation, criminal defense, civil rights

    “I wanted to become an Admissions Ambassador because I have learned so much about the law school admissions process from my own application cycle. I’d love to share that information with my fellow first-generation law students while also letting them know about all the opportunities UCI Law has to offer!”

  • Michael Vine, '24

    (available during Summer 2022)

    Hometown: Greensboro, NC
    Undergrad: University of Alabama
    Student Involvement and Interests:  Environmental Law Society, First Generation Professionals Program, Sports and Entertainment Law Society, Student Bar Association, In Vino Veritas, Court Watch (MI Center for Justice) Domestic Violence Declarations, Kill the Kill Zone

    “So proud to be an Anteater. Going to law school was a scary choice and process for me; I want to help ease anyone's mind the way that UCI Ambassadors did for me while I was applying and deciding.”