Moot Court Competition 2020

Due to COVID-19 and the UCI campus transitioning to remote-learning in March 2020, the Board made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the competition. The Top 16 were slated to compete in March, with the finals taking place on April 3, 2020 at Admitted Students Weekend. However, the Board would like to highlight those who excelled in this year’s competition.

Final Results

Top 16 Moot Court Competitors (organized alphabetically):

  • Emily Abbey
  • Sharon Baek
  • Angie Caplanis
  • Melissa Colón
  • Emily Croucher
  • Michael Dobbs 
  • Kari Ferver 
  • Lya Ferreyra
  • Henry Glitz 
  • Anna Hales 
  • Matthew Hallman 
  • Chris Lawrence
  • Justin Livingston 
  • Christa Millard 
  • Allyssa Scheyer 
  • Brian Sutter

Brief Awards

Best Brief Award

  • Tyler Shum, Henry Glitz

Runner Up

  • Anna Hales, Angie Caplanis

Outstanding Briefs

  • Fahad Ali, Emily Abbey 
  • Kari Ferver, Garrett Stallins
  • Betty Kim, Sharon Baek 
  • Melissa Colón, Lya Ferreyra
  • Emily Croucher, Allyssa Scheyer

Questions Presented

  1. Does Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to police conduct during the course of an arrest?

  2. If Title II does apply to arrests, to what extent does Title II require officers to make “reasonable accommodations” for an armed arrestee prior to securing the scene and taking the arrestee into custody?

  3. Under the Fourth Amendment “totality of the circumstances” test for assessing the “objective reasonableness” of police use of force, (a) may a court consider only the facts and circumstances at the moment force was used; or (b) may it also consider the relevant facts and circumstances leading up to the use of force, including alleged police failures to de-escalate the situation or the suspect’s mental illness?

2019-2020 Moot Court Board

The UC Irvine School of Law Moot Court Board is comprised of third-year students who successfully participated in Moot Court previously. This year’s Moot Court Board consists of the following members:

  • President: Pilar M.H. Escontrias
  • Vice Chair: James Lamb
  • Director of Judicial Relations: Tiffany Aguiar
  • Director of Internal Competition: Amy Thompson
  • Director of Bench Brief: Kim Barr and Quiyarra McCahey

Mission Statement

The mission of the UC Irvine School of Law Moot Court Board is to promote the development and refinement of students’ legal research, writing and appellate oral advocacy skills by encouraging their participation in moot court competitions. Each year, the Board organizes an intramural moot court competition that asks students to address issues from real-life cases, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for their legal careers.