Mock Trial


UCI Law Mock Trial provides an opportunity for students to develop and showcase their oral advocacy skills. Participants serve as trial-level attorneys in a criminal or civil law hypothetical case after attending training sessions for opening and closing statements, direct and cross examinations, and objections. The purpose of UCI Law Mock Trial is to allow law students to get a taste of trial work. No previous trial experience is required.


The 2L/3L Competition provides an opportunity for second-year and third-year UCI Law students to compete against each other and gain additional practice and experience.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Competition will take place remotely.

  • 2L/3L Competition Timeline: March - April 2021

Spring 2021 Results

First Place: Alexis Weitzner

Second Place: Diana Hoag

Top Opening Statement: 

  • Winner: Eddie Coronado

Top Scoring Direct Examination:

  • Winner: Diana Hoag
  • Runner-Up: Eddie Coronado

Top Scoring Cross Examination: 

  • Winner: Diana Hoag
  • Runner-Up: Alexis Weitzner
  • 3rd: Cash Standing

Top Scoring Closing Statement: 

  • Winner: Alexis Weitzner
  • Runner-Up: Diana Hoag
  • 3rd: Cash Standing

Top Scoring Organization:

  • Winner: Alexis Weitzner
  • Runner up: Diana Hoag
  • 3rd: Eddie Coronado

Top Scoring Professionalism:

  • Winners: Diana Hoag tied with Alexis Weitzner
  • Runner-Up: Eddie Coronado

Top Scoring Overall Opening & Direct:

  • Eddie Coronado

Top Scoring Overall Cross & Closing: 

  • Winner: Alexis Weitzner
  • Runner-Up: Diana Hoag
  • 3rd: Cash Standing


Before the competitions, the Mock Trial Board will provide trainings on effective direct examination, cross examination, and opening and closing statements. In addition, UC Irvine Law faculty members will assist with presentation and individual coaching.

UCI Law Mock Trial Executive Board

  • Co-Chairs: Emma Garcia
  • Vice President of Internal Competition: Ethan Greene and Faran Imani
  • Vice President of Judicial Relations: Sophia Papaiouannou
  • Vice President of Administration: Diana Hoag


Please send any questions to 

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