Student Profile: Jaime Allgood

Email address:

Dual/concurrent degree you are pursuing: JD/PhD in Public Health

Expected graduation: 2020

Research interests/agenda: Flame Retardant Chemical Exposure Assessment

Past Education: BA/MA in Women’s Studies at UCLA

Academic Experiences, Honors and Awards:

Teaching Assistant in Public Health Fall 2012-August 2017

Summer Session Instructor 2013-2016

Presentations, Publications, Speaking Engagements:

Allgood, J. M., Jimah, T., McClaskey, C. M., La Guardia, M. J., Hammel, S. C., Zeineddine, M. M., ... & Ogunseitan, O. A. (2017). Potential human exposure to halogenated flame-retardants in elevated surface dust and floor dust in an academic environment. Environmental research, 153, 55-62.

Allgood, J. M., Vahid, K. S., Jeeva, K., Tang, I. W., & Ogunseitan, O. A. (2017). Spatiotemporal analysis of human exposure to halogenated flame retardant chemicals. Science of The Total Environment, 609, 272-276.

Goodwin, M., Duke, N., & Allgood, J. (2016). Sex, Drugs, & HIV: Mass Incarceration's Hidden Problem. Hous. J. Health L. & Pol'y, 16, 1.

Ogunseitan, O. A., Allgood, J. M., Hammel, S. C., & Schoenung, J. M. (2013). Translating the materials genome into safer consumer products.

What made you interested in pursuing dual degrees? I decided to pursue a dual degree after taking the Reproductive Justice Law Clinic, as a PhD student, with Professor Goodwin. In taking the clinic, I learned the importance of understanding how law and policy impact health outcomes.

How has the dual-degree program helped you achieve your goals? The dual degree program has helped me achieve my goals by providing me with a background in public health and the practice of law.

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