Academic Skills Program

UCI Law’s Academic Skills Program (ASP) is a resource for all students seeking to maximize their academic success in law school. From identifying the keys to effective class preparation for first-year students, to solidifying legal analysis and legal writing skills for second-year students, to demystifying the bar exam for third-year students, ASP provides critical skills instruction to help students excel in all stages of their legal education.

ASP offers:

  • Workshops and advising for all students on general law school academic skills such as critical reading, note-taking, identifying and breaking down rules, course outlining, preparing for and taking exams, how to self-assess to improve your exam performance, time management, and general learning (including in the online or remote environment);
  • Workshops and advising for 2Ls and 3Ls on preparing for the bar exam, as well as bar prep courses open to all 3Ls, restricted by class size; and
  • Continued support to all graduates during bar-exam study, with workshops on strategies for excelling in the written and multiple-choice portions of the bar exam, as well as numerous opportunities for individual feedback on practice bar essays and performance tests.

Visit ASP’s new “Effective Remote or Online Learning at UCI Law” Canvas page for more details and specific resources.

If you are a current student and need to contact ASP, please visit this Canvas page for more details.

For general information, please contact the Academic Skills Office.