Public Service Scholarship for Current UCI Law Students

The Public Service Scholarship at UCI Law provides the following benefits for current students:

  • Tuition and Fees—Public Service Scholarships provide up to full tuition and fees for the 2L year, and are renewable for the 3L year (if awarded as a rising 2L).
  • Summer Funding—Scholars will receive a summer stipend during their 2L summers for their public interest work. (This is not retroactive to include the summer of the award for rising 3Ls.)
  • Mentoring—Scholars will be assigned a mentor attorney in the public interest field. The staff of the Public Interest Department will also be available to provide mentoring assistance.
  • Networking Meals—Scholars will participate in meals with faculty members and practitioners who have dedicated their careers to public interest law.
  • Career Counseling—Scholars will be assigned to work with a member of the Career Development Office team dedicated to Public Interest law. Scholars receive one-on-one counseling regarding their career path and options.
  • Pro Bono Project Preference—Whenever feasible, Scholars will be assigned to their first choice among more than 80 pro bono project offerings.

Public Service Scholars at UCI Law are asked to do the following:

  • Public Interest Pledge—During law school, Scholars will be required to sign an annual pledge to work in public interest for at least three (3) years after graduation. 
  • Summer Work in Public Interest—Scholars must work in public interest during 2L summer.  
  • Pursue a Career in Public Interest Law—Scholars are expected to work for at least three (3) years after graduation in public interest law, providing legal assistance to an underserved community or cause in pursuit of justice.  Scholars that work as judicial clerks may defer the three (3) year requirement until the clerkship ends.  Any scholar that does not work in public interest law for at least three (3) years after graduation will be morally obligated to repay a prorated portion of the funds received as part of their Public Service Scholarship. 
  • Remain in Good Academic Standing—Public Service Scholars must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA at the end of each year in order to remain eligible for future tuition and fees funding.
  • Participate in PSS Activities—Scholars are expected to be actively involved in UCI Law’s robust experiential learning opportunities as well as networking meals and other public interest related activities.