Addressing Anti-Black Racism

A central commitment of the law school is pursuing ideas that can help eradicate racism and other forms of subordination created and perpetuated by the law.  A significant part of this commitment includes anti-racist projects that center on the Black experience. In June 2020, the UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence asked schools and units to identify and summarize research or creative activities that relate to Black populations within their departments. 

This report highlights all that the law school has done and continues to do in documenting the Black experience within the law and the legal profession. At the same time, because anti-racist work comprises such a significant part of the law school’s mission, and because the Black experience within the law often intersects and mingles with the experiences of other racialized communities, this report also identifies and summarizes other activities that address racism more generally. 

About the Report

This report examines three major areas:

I. Alignment of School's Strategic Priorities

a. Faculty Hiring and Retention

b. Teaching

c. National Protests against Anti-Black Racism

II. Research and Creative Activities

a. Scholarship

b. Clinical Activities

c. Future Research and Creative Activities

III. Public Affairs Programming

a. Weekly Workshop Series

b. Conferences, Events, and Symposia

Detailed Faculty Activities