Student Affairs Office

The services provided by the Student Affairs Office include:

  • Counseling on non-academic matters (including issues of inclusive learning environments, stress reduction, academic performance, time management, and other personal matters)
  • Assisting with personal or family issues (e.g. illness or bereavement)
  • Sponsoring programs that promote health and wellness
  • Serving as liaison to SBA and other student organizations
  • Programming and support on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Helping 1Ls transition into law school through the Dean’s Fellows Program
  • Coordinating Orientation and Pro Bono & Student Life Awards

    Student Services Staff

  • Jennah Jones

    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence
    MPAA 210B | (949) 824-1304

    Dr. Jennah Jones has over 15 years of experience working with students in a variety of settings, including leadership, academic advising, social justice, crisis management, instruction, residence life and student life. Before coming to UCI Law, she held positions at Syracuse, Duke, and North Carolina State universities and Dr. Jones is an adjunct professor at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. She received her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California, her M.S. in Higher Education at Syracuse University, and her B.A. in Sociology at the University of San Diego.

    Contact Dr. Jones for: Individual Counseling, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Opportunities, Student Organizations, Dean’s Fellows, Orientation

  • Vanessa Martinez

    Student Affairs and Career Development Manager
    MPAA 210D | (949) 824-5166

    Vanessa Martinez is dedicated to providing various developmental services, programs, and activities for current students that foster academic success, student development, and campus community. Prior to joining UCI Law in 2018, she held roles in student servicing positions at the University of Massachusetts Global and Alliant International University. She received her B.A. in Human Services from California State University, Fullerton.

    Contact Vanessa for: Student Affairs Events, Wellness Wednesdays, SLATE, Pro Bono & Student Life Awards

  • Debbie Mondares

    Student Life Program Manager
    MPAA 210E | (949) 824-8395

    Debbie Mondares has been a member of the UCI Law staff since the school’s inception. With over a decade of experience within the UC system, Debbie has demonstrated dedication to the support and development of our students. Debbie works tirelessly to ensure every student feels equipped to enrich our community culture by providing our student organizations with tools for success.

    Contact Debbie for: Student Organizations, Room Reservations for Student Events, Locker Assignments, Special Events Coordination

  • Cynthia L. Ryan headshot

    Cynthia L. Ryan

    Operations Assistant
    (949) 824-0066

    Cynthia Ryan has been a member of the UCI Law Staff since 2013. She is committed to providing a helpful, positive and friendly atmosphere in the Dean’s Suite to make sure everyone has a productive and pleasant experience. Prior to joining UCI Law, Cynthia has held extensive positions in customer-service roles as well as educational (teaching Computer Graphics at Antelope Valley College) and administrative roles. She received her B.A. in Photo-Communication from California State University, Fresno.

    Contact Cynthia for: Student Wellness Room, Community Fellows Reimbursements, and General Directions/Information