Technical Resources

The following is a list of technical resources available to you:

For Students

UCI offers wireless internet access across many locations on campus. UCInet Mobile Access provides UCI affiliates and visitors a fast and convenient way to connect to the web with mobile computers and devices.  Registration for notebooks to access the wireless network is REQUIRED.  For more information, go to OIT's web page located at:

  • Laptop Printing 

In order to print from your laptop regardless of operating system or Internet connection, click here. Please note that you can only upload a document or publicly accessible URL. Any websites that require authentication will not work (you may choose to PDF any secure websites as a work around for any website that requires authenication)

For instructions on how to print remotely to the print stations from any laptop with an internet connection. Please refer to the following documentation:

How to Print from your Laptop (PDF) (*)
How to Print from your Laptop (Online Video)

For Faculty/Staff