International Justice Clinic

The students in the International Justice Clinic (IJC) work with activists, lawyers, diplomats, scholars and NGOs at home and around the world to develop and implement advocacy strategies concerning accountability for human rights abuses.  Clinic students pursue research, engage in on-the-ground fact finding, conduct interviews in cross-cultural settings, and prepare written and oral reports of their findings.  Future students will focus on oral and written advocacy, coalition building, legal research, and legislative drafting, all while taking on a ‘primary advocate' role in specific areas of human rights law.

Recent and Ongoing Projects in the IJC include:

  • Project on Direct Participation in Hostilities – Students worked in collaboration with the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Civilians in Armed Conflict, conducting research to assess civilian understanding of when they become “participants” in armed conflict and thus subject to detention, targeting, and other measures.  Two students and faculty conducted research and interviews in Northern Ireland during the spring of 2013. 
  • Burma Project – Students and faculty laid the ground work for long-term engagement with lawyers, educators, former political prisoners and activists in Burma/Myanmar.  Future students will develop the long-term projects, such as technical legal education and training, human rights education, and/or projects aimed at individual lawyers and law firms.
  • Human Rights & the Environment – Students collaborated with the United Nations’ (“UN”) Independent Expert on Human Rights and the Environment, exploring emerging norms at the intersection of these two bodies of law.  This project enabled the students to work with a leader in the field, to engage with a range of professionals in Geneva, and to develop hands-on experience working with essential human rights institutions in the UN.
  • UN Security Council & the International Criminal Court – Students participated in project design, interviews and report preparation for the development of a workshop and advocacy program, with the release of a written report in May 2013. The project website may be found at
  • ICCPR Project – Students assessed the meaning of provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and analyzed the consistency of California state law in order to prepare memos that will serve as the starting points for future projects seeking to implement the ICCPR as a matter of state law.  This is a long-term project that will consist of potential legislative work, coalition building and direct advocacy.


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