You must apply for readmission if you are a student who wishes to return to UCI School of Law after:

  • Withdrawing from a semester of enrollment; or
  • A period of absence of one or more semesters; or
  • The loss of your student status by not paying tuition or not enrolling in classes by the end of any semester.

Readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

Applications for readmission are processed electronically.

Continuing Students

  1. Contact the Assistant Dean for Student Services to initiate the electronic readmission process.
    If you are applying for readmission into a new major, contact the academic advising office of the new major.
  2. Once your application is approved, a $60 non-refundable charge will appear on your ZOTBill account the following business day.
  3. Submit official transcripts to the Law School Admissions Office for any academic work completed since your last enrollment at UCI School of Law.
  4. Complete and submit a paper Statement of Legal Residence (PDF). You may request a Statement of Legal Residence to be mailed to you by e-mailing us at and providing your mailing address.

New Students

If you are a new student who enrolls in classes and pays tuition but submits a withdrawal form after the semester begins, you are eligible to apply for readmission when ready to return to UCI School of Law.

You are not eligible for readmission if you submit a Withdrawal form before the semester begins. You will need to reapply for admission to UCI School of Law.


Readmission filing deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall semester: July 1
  • Spring semester: November 1

The Spring deadline allows you to enroll in classes with continuing students. For the Fall semester, it is recommended that you readmit by March 1 in order to enroll with continuing students.

At the Assistant Dean for Student Services' discretion, readmission may be approved after the published deadline.

Additional Information

$60 Non-Refundable Charge

Once the readmission application is approved, a $60 non-refundable charge will appear on the student's ZOTBill account the following business day. Students will be unable to pay the $60 charge in person or online until it appears on their ZOTBill account.

Students who do not complete their registration and lose their student status at the end of instruction and are readmitted for the same term will need a new application and will be required to pay the $60 charge again.

Enrollment Windows

Once the readmission is approved, an enrollment window will be created.

Enrollment window information can be viewed by the student through StudentAccess or LawReg. Faculty and staff may view enrollment information by accessing the "Enrollment" page of WebAdmin.

Enrollment windows for future terms will be generated when continuing students are assigned enrollment windows.