UC Irvine School of Law grades on a scale of A+ (4.3) to F (0.0).

IP (in progress) will be assigned at the end of the first semester in all year-long courses.

After grades post to transcripts, the Law Registrar will generate a letter for each in-progress course offered during the semester, indicating the A to F level of performance for each student. In-progress letters will be available in the Law Registrar’s Office until the official grades for the class post at the end of the second semester.

Students can take up to 8 self-selected units of Law School upper-level courses on a credit/no-credit basis. Credit/no-credit grading options are at the instructor’s discretion and must be elected and enrolled in by the end of the second week of classes in any semester.  In order to receive credit for a law course taken credit/no credit, a law student must obtain a minimum grade of C- (1.7).

All examinations will be graded anonymously.

Required Medians and Grade Distributions

All first-year courses have a required median of B+ and the following grade distibution:

A+ As outlined below.
A 19% - 23%
A- 19% - 23%
B+ 19% - 23%
B 19% - 23%
B-, C+, C, C-, D, F 14% - 18%

Advanced, non-clinical courses with enrollment of 25 or more students have a required median of B+ (3.3) and the following grade distribution; unless more than 50% of the reported transcript grade is based on other than examination: 

A+ As outlined below.
A, A- 33% - 39%
B+, B 41% - 45%
B-, C+, C, C-, D, F 14% - 18%

With the exception of Directed Research courses, all advanced courses and all clinical courses with enrollment of fewer than 25 students have a required median between A- (3.7) and B (3.0).

In all first-year and advanced courses, including clinics, there shall be a required number of A+ grades equal to the following:

Number of Students Number of A+ Grades Required (Minimum/Maximum)
1-20 0 or 1
21-40 1 or 2
41-60 2 or 3
61-80 3 or 4
81-100 4 or 5
101-120 5 or 6
121-140 6 or 7

Non-J.D. students are not counted in or graded to the required median.  UCI non-law students will be graded according to the Academic Senate grading standards.

J.D. GPAs will not include grades for non-law coursework.

Class Rank

J.D. class rank will not be made public, as per the Academic Rules, Standards and Procedures (PDF).

Incomplete Courses

If a student is unable to complete the requirements for a course for reasons that the student has disclosed to the Assistant Dean for Student Services, the Assistant Dean for Student Services will consult with the instructor in order to arrange for the student to receive a grade of Incomplete for the course. The instructor and the student will agree on a deadline date for the completion of the course requirements in a written and signed document which will be placed in the student’s file until such time as he or she completes the course requirements and the Incomplete grade is changed by the instructor to a letter grade.

Failure to complete the course requirements within agreed deadline date will result in the Incomplete grade transformed to the letter grade of "F" and will appear on the student transcript, as per the Academic Rules, Standards and Procedures (PDF).

To request the Incomplete be changed to a letter grade, a student must fill out a form available in the Law Registrar's Office.