First Year Schedule

1L students all have the same schedule, although they are assigned to different modules. Individual student schedules are given out the first day of Orientation. First-year students do not enroll in classes; our Registrar does that for you.  Please do not buy books until you receive your schedule! Different professors use different textbooks.  We have built in time during Orientation for you to go to the campus bookstore, and we will even transport the books (which are really heavy) back to the school for you.

For planning purposes, the 1L schedule can be found below. 

Fall 2015

1L Schedule


Spring 2016

The class schedule for the Spring semester will be posted in mid-October.  1Ls will have the following classes:

  • Legal Research (January short session)
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Profession II
  • Common Law Analysis: Torts
  • International Legal Analysis
  • Lawyering Skills II