Shauhin Talesh

Professor of Law

Joint appointment in Law, and Criminology, Law & Society, and Sociology
Director, Law and Graduate Studies Program
Advisory Board Member and Faculty Affiliate, Center in Law, Society & Culture
Faculty Affiliate, Center for Organizational Research
Faculty Affiliate, Long U.S.-China Institute for Business & Law

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Civil procedure, consumer law, insurance, organizations, empirical legal studies, law and society


Professor Talesh is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work spans law, sociology, and political science. His research interests include the empirical study of law and business organizations, dispute resolution, consumer protection, insurance, and the relationship between law and social inequality.

Professor Talesh’s most recent empirical study addresses the intersection between organizations, risk, and consumer protection laws, focusing on private organizations' responses to and constructions of laws designed to regulate them, consumers' mobilization of their legal rights and the legal cultures of private organizations.

Professor Talesh’s scholarship has appeared in multiple law and peer-reviewed social science journals including Law and Society Review and has won multiple awards in Sociology, Political Science and Law & Society.

Current Courses:
Procedural Analysis
Prior Courses

Multi- and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law; Insurance Law & Policy; Health Law, Regulation & Compliance; Procedural Analysis; Advanced Writing: Law Review

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