Recruit at UCI Law

Our on-campus interview programs provide employers the opportunity to conduct interviews at UCI Law. Employers come from public and private sector entities, including public interest and government organizations, law firms, and corporate counsel offices to hire our students.

UCI Law holds its Fall Early Interview Week (EIW) for 2L and 3L students in August. UCI Law utilizes an online bidding and lottery system to coordinate interviews and does not provide a pre-screening option for employers.

UCI Law also hosts a Fall Interview Program for 2L and 3L students from September 7 through November 11, and a Spring Interview Program in February and March for all class levels. All private and public sector employers are welcome to participate in both programs. Finally, UCI Law hosts a public interest and government fair in October, and employer receptions throughout the year.

Please contact us if you are interested in interviewing UCI Law students on campus or if you have any questions about recruiting at UCI Law.