Shauhin Talesh on Problems with the Civil Legal System and Arbitration

UCI Law Talks logoProf. Talesh examines how procedural rules in litigation have morphed in ways that undermine plaintiffs’ substantive civil rights, tilting the playing field in favor of defendants.
Image of Prof. Talesh and Prof. Glater recording podcast


Shauhin Talesh Shauhin Talesh, Assistant Professor of Law
Expertise: Civil procedure, consumer law, insurance, organizations, empirical legal studies, law and society
Abstract: The Process is the Problem (PDF)
• 2012 Law & Society Review article: How Dispute Resolution System Design Matters: An Organizational Analysis of Dispute Resolution Structures and Consumer Lemon Laws (PDF)


Jonathan Glater Jonathan Glater, Assistant Professor of Law
Expertise: Higher education law, criminal law, corporate law, white collar crime and securities fraud