Using the Law Library

The Law Library provides a serene environment for research, study, and intellectual engagement. If you have questions about using our space, you can contact our Access Services Manager.

General Rules

Help us keep the Library space quiet, safe, and clean by following the guildelines below.

  • Mobile phones - set them to silent. Take all calls outside of the Law Library. The Law Library is next to a shaded courtyard that is ideal for private phone calls and conversations. 
  • Quiet Zone - the California Room on the lower level has been designated as a space for quiet study.
  • Music and video - use headphones at a volume that will not disturb others.
  • Drinks should have lids. 


Fire alarms. Leave immediately, using the stairs. Do not use the elevator.

Lost & found. Ask staff at the Service Counter about lost or found items.

Theft. Do not leave valuables unattended. The Law Library is not responsible for the security of unattended items. Report a theft to University Police at (949) 824-5223, and inform staff at the Service Counter.


Several convenience items are available to use in the Law Library.

  • Book stands are placed throughout the Law Library. These can keep casebooks upright as you read and take notes.
  • Digital newspapers on a tablet. Look for the iPad upstairs to check today's news. There are several news sources on the iPad, including the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
  • Lap blankets are available to check out at the Service Counter.
  • Portable desks are placed near several lounge chairs.
  • Power cords are available to check out at the Service Counter. We have a variety of adapters for different models of Macs, PCs, and cell phones.

Visiting the Law Library

UCI Law Students, Faculty and Staff can use the Library when the building is open.

Members of the public generally do not have access to the Library. For exceptions, see visitor information.