About the UC Irvine Law Review

The UC Irvine Law Review (ISSN 2327-4514) was founded in the spring of 2010, during the inaugural year of the UC Irvine School of Law. We aim to promote exceptional legal scholarship by featuring contributions from a spectrum of academic, practical, and student perspectives. The Law Review launched its inaugural volume during the 2010–2011 academic year.


Anne Conley, Catriona Lavery, Marco Pulido, Joseph Roth, and Thomas Worger


Jin Chong, Michael Deshong, Robert Liu, Erna Mamikonyan, and Peter Waneis

Volume 3 Executive Board (2012–2013)

John Bridge, Jeanne Detch, Michael Klinger, Jin Soo Lee, and Jaclyn Stahl

Volume 2 Executive Board (2011–2012)

Acrivi Coromelas, Alisa Hartz, Katie Harrison, Jessica Glynn, and Eric Zhou

VOLUME 1 executive board (2011)

Acrivi Coromelas, Lauren Davis, Alisa Hartz, Colin McGrath, and Jeffrey Wachs

Inaugural executive Board (2010)

Sarah Bennington, Jessica Glynn, Colin McGrath, Emmanuelle Soichet, Jeffrey Wachs, and Christina Zabat-Fran


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