Beatrice Tice

Professor of the Practice of Law

Associate Dean for LL.M. and International Student Programs

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Legal research and writing


Professor Tice is an expert in foreign, comparative and international legal information; comparative study of the publication and use of legal information; and global access to legal information.

Current Courses:

Legal Profession I

Prior Courses:

Legal Profession I, Advanced Legal Research and Analysis: Advanced Methods and Sources, Comparative Legal Traditions in a Globalized World, International Legal Analysis, Advanced Legal Research, Analysis and Writing, Research and Writing for International Students, Researching Transnational Law

Recent Publications

  • Beatrice Tice & Angela Fernandez, Bertha Wilson’s Practice Years (1958-75): Establishing a Research Practice and Founding a Research Department in Canada, Justice Bertha Wilson: One Woman's Difference (Kim Brooks ed., University of Washington Press) (2009)

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