Career Development Timeline for 1Ls

1L students may not receive one-on-one career counseling or application document review from the Career Development Office before October 15 (in accordance with The National Association for Law Placement Principles and Standards). Prospective employers and 1L students should not initiate contact with one another before December 1.

August and September

  • Focus on your coursework, develop strong study skills, and keep up with all assigned readings.
  • Get involved. Join student groups that interest you or are related to your projected career goals.
  • Attend the CDO's Mandatory 1L Orientation.


  • Schedule an appointment to meet with your Career Development counselor to discuss your career goals. Begin work on your cover letter and resume. Register and set up your account in Symplicity.
  • Familiarize yourself with the online databases and secure sections of the Career Development web site.
  • Research different types of legal careers and review job postings:
    • For public interest organizations, visit PSJD.
    • For judicial externships, search Symplicity and consult the online Judicial Yellow Book at The Law Library has a subscription that is accessible through the School of Law’s virtual private network (Law VPN).
    • For government agencies, see the Government Honors and Internship Handbook available on the Job Search Resources page (password protected)
    • For law firms, visit NALP's online directory and
  • Attend Student Career fair and learn from 2Ls & 3Ls about summer possibilities, and what to wear to an interview.


  • Map out your preferred 1L Summer Plan and back-up 1L Summer Plan(s).
  • For judicial externships, attend the workshop led by Director of Exernships, D'Lorah Hughes.


  • Continue reviewing job postings and begin to submit your cover letters and resume.
  • Make an appointment with your CDO counselor to discuss your networking plan.
  • Develop a list of networking contacts including former employers, undergraduate mentors, parents of friends and friends of parents to whom you will speak about your career plans and job search.
  • Schedule informational interviews. Meet with one or two contacts during winter break.
  • Follow up on pending applications. Attempt to schedule interviews over winter break if you will spend the vacation in the same place you hope to spend your summer.

January and February

  • Attend workshops, presentations, and networking events sponsored by both the CDO and outside organizations.
  • Register and attend Public Interest Career Day at UCLA.
  • Once your grades are available, follow up on outstanding applications.
  • Monitor CDO emails about the Spring Interview Program and apply for positions.

March through May

  • Continue job search efforts and check for job postings on Symplicity, PSJD, and other online databases.
  • Consider your career goals and select 2L courses, externships, clinical programs, and your pro bono projects to build relevant skills and to demonstrate a history of commitment to your desired practice area and career path.
  • Be aware of deadlines for summer funding, including the Public Interest Law Fund (PILF) and other fellowships and grants.

June and July

  • Engage with your summer employer, work hard, and build strong relationships.
  • Update your resume to include summer employment and activities. Email your CDO counselor to review your resume.
  • Map out your preferred 2L Summer Plan and a back-up 2L Summer Plan(s).
  • If interested in private practice, participate in Early Interview Week (EIW):
  • Watch Symplicity for information about the schedule for EIW and participating employers.
    • Research EIW employers to determine your interests.
    • Apply (or "bid") for interviews in early July.
    • Sign up for a mock interview through the CDO.


  • Fill out the summer evaluation survey to help subsequent UCI Law students make summer employment decisions.
  • If interested in private practice, participate in EIW. If interested in public interest, register for the Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair.