Cyber Victims Defense Clinic

In this clinic, students will focus on cybersecurity and privacy laws and how these laws have evolved in the modern era. By working with victims of cyber attacks (including the elderly and/or small businesses), students will have the opportunity to develop practical lawyering skills and gain experience in client interaction.

With the assistance of technical advisors from a local cybersecurity firm, students will help victims stop any ongoing attacks, mitigate any damage, and learn ways to prevent cyber attacks in the future. Interested students can gain hands-on experience with cybersecurity technology and techniques as well as the relevant legal skills. Students also will work with course professors to identify potential criminal or civil remedies and, when reasonable, file civil cases or take criminal cases to police and prosecutors.

Students will gain legal experience in areas including:

  • Conducting interviews and other direct interaction with clients
  • Overseeing investigations, including with technical experts, under attorney-client privilege
  • Putting together materials for potential criminal complaints and interacting with law enforcement officers
  • Evaluating potential civil claims, including under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and relevant California privacy and hacking laws
  • Counseling clients on potential legal remedies for cyber attacks
  • With the appropriate small business clients, counseling for compliance with applicable cyber security and data protection laws.

To submit an inquiry to the Cyber Victims Defense Clinic, please send an email to  Please do not include any confidential information in the email.


Please be aware that submitting information to our law clinic: (1) does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the UC Irvine School of Law or its clinic programs; and (2) does not mean that you enter into any agreement with the UC Irvine School of Law or its law clinic programs. Please also be aware that we do not owe you a duty of confidentiality regarding the information that you may provide us through this inquiry.