Student Profile: Daniel Joshua Ganz

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Dual degree you are pursuing: J.D., Ph.D. in Economics

Research interests/agenda: I’m interested in the field of Law and Economics, particularly as it relates to policy analysis. This includes analysis of microeconomic and macroeconomic policy, as well as non-economic policies/paradigms.

Past Education: UC Berkeley, B.A. in Economics and Legal Studies with departmental honors in Economics and highest departmental honors in Legal Studies, August 2009–May 2012.

Presentations, Publications:

  • “The Effect of Non-Recourse on State Output and Disposable Income” (2012), Economics Honors Thesis, supervised by Professor Justin McCrary
  • “The American Felony Murder Rule: Purpose and Effect” (2012), Legal Studies Honors Thesis, supervised by Professor Richard Perry

Employment Highlights: Business Analyst/Senior Business Analyst, Poplicus, Inc., October 2012–August 2015

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