ABA Required Disclosures

All consumer information that a law school reports, publicizes or distributes shall be complete, accurate and not misleading to a reasonable law school student or applicant.

ABA Standard 509 Report

ABA Standard 509 Report for 2016 (pdf) is the report that UCI Law filed with the ABA in 2016.

The following table represents a listing of where the ABA Required Disclosures can be located on the web site.

Academic Calendar Academic Calendar
Academic Requirements JD Graduation Requirements
Admission Information Class Profile
Attrition Fact Sheet
Bar Passage Data Fact Sheet
Conditional Scholarship Retention Data Types of Aid
Conditional Scholarships Financial Aid Process
Curricular Offerings Curriculum
Employment Outcomes Employment Summary
Enrollment data Fact Sheet
Facilities Facilities Overview
Financial Aid Types of Aid
Full Time and Part Time Faculty and Administrators Fact Sheet
Graduation Rate Fact Sheet
Library Resources Law Library
Living Expenses Cost of Attendance
Refunds Cancellation/Withdrawal
Transfer of Credit Policies Transfer Students
Tuition/Fees Cost of Attendance