Books and Journals in Print

Our print collection is selected to enhance the curriculum and research of the Law School. Contact a research librarian if you'd like help using any of our print materials, or in finding or using an online analog in one of our databases.

Major Legal Titles

Locations: Reading Room & Reserves are upstairs; California Room & Stacks are downstairs. Details are on our Floor Plan.

DescriptionLocationCall Number
ALRs (Fed, etc.) Stacks KF 132
Am. Jur. (American Jurisprudence) Reading Room KF 154
Bar journals Stacks K 1 - 30
Bender (practice guides) California Room KFC (varies)
The Bluebook: a Uniform System of Citation Reading Room KF 245 .U55
Cal. Jur. (California Jurisprudence) California Room KFC 80
California Forms of Pleading & Practice California Room KFC 1010
California reporters Stacks KFC 45-57
California Style Manual ("The Yellow Book") California Room KFC 75
CEB (practice guides) These are mostly online. California Room KFC (varies)
Chicago Manual of Style Stacks Z 253 U69
CJS (Corpus Juris Secundum) Reading Room KF 154.C
Comparative materials Stacks K
Daily Journal (Los Angeles Daily Journal & Appellate Report) Reading Room KFC 47 .L67
Deering’s CA Codes California Room KFC 30.5
Dictionaries (general) Stacks PE
Dictionaries (legal) Reading Room KF 156
Foreign (non-US) Stacks Varies
International materials Stacks KZ
Journals (law reviews) Stacks K 1 – 33
Non-legal materials Stacks A – J & L – Z
Reporters and digests Stacks KF 105–135
Restatements & US Federal—Secondary Reading Room KF 395-9900
Rutter (CA practice guides) California Room KFC (varies)
State statutes (other 9th Cir. states, plus DE, IL, MA, NY, TX) Stacks KFA – KFW
Treatises – US & Multistate See also: Legal Treatises Reading Room Varies
“Treatises” See also: Study Aids or Hornbooks Reserves & Reading Room Varies
USC / USCA / USCS (United States codes) Stacks KF 62 & 62.5
USCCAN / US Statutes at Large / US Reports Stacks KF 48 – 101
West’s CA Codes California Room KFC 30.5
Witkin Summary of California Law See also: Treatises - California  California Room KFC 80 W5

Call Number Guide

If you'd like to see what we have in print, you can browse subject areas on our shelves at the call numbers below. If you're also interested in online resources, we highlight both online and print titles in our Guide to Major Legal Treatises.

U.S. Legal Subjects

Most United States secondary materials are in the Reading Room upstairs.

KF 240- Legal research; Legal writing 
KF 261- Legal education; Legal profession 
KF 305- Legal ethics; Legal practice 
KF 379- Jurisprudence; Philosophy; Legal reform
KF 425 Statutory interpretation 
KF 501- Family law 
KF 560- Real property
KF 726- Trusts; Estates
KF 801- Contracts 
KF 1246- Torts 
KF 1341- Corporations & related concepts 
KF 1501- Bankruptcy 
KF 1600- Trade regulation; Consumer protection 
KF 1631- Antitrust 
KF 2971- Intellectual property 
KF 3301- Labor; Welfare
KF 3775- Environmental law
KF 4101- Education 
KF 4501- Constitutional law 
KF 4801- Immigration law 
KF 5401- Administrative law 
KF 6200- Tax 
KF 7201- National defense
KF 8201- Native groups
KF 8700- Courts. Civil procedure 
KF 9201- Criminal law 
KF 9601- Criminal procedure 
KF 9771- Juvenile criminal law

California Legal Subjects

Most California secondary materials are in the California Room downstairs.

KFC 74- Legal research
KFC 76- Professional responsibility
KFC 115- Family law
KFC 138- Property
KFC 290- Insurance
KFC 310- Torts
KFC 340- Corporations
KFC 365- Bankruptcy
KFC 555- Labor & Employment
KFC 610- Environmental law
KFC 860- Tax
KFC 990- Civil procedure
KFC 1155- Criminal law

Other Legal Subjects *

Most foreign, international, and comparative legal materials are in the Stacks downstairs.

K 201- Jurisprudence; Philosophy & theory
K 520- Comparative law; Int'l uniform law
K 3240- Human rights
KGF 1- Mexico
KJE 901- European Union
KNQ 1- China
KPA 1- South Korea
KZ 2- International law (includes treaties)
KZ 6471- International humanitarian law
KZA 1002- Law of the Sea
KZD 1002- Space Law

*We recommend checking a research guide or searching our catalog if you're looking for foreign or international materials in print, because sometimes related books are not shelved together.