Borrowing at UCI Law Library

Only UCI students, faculty, and staff can borrow from the Law Library. Contact our Access Services Manager with questions about our borrowing policies.

Borrowing Q&A

How long can I keep something?

Most books:

  • UCI Undergraduates — 28 days
  • UCI Graduate Students and Staff — 90 days
  • UCI Faculty — 1 year

Reserve books:

  • Check out for 2 hours

Many Law Library books, including all reserves, must remain in the Law Library at all times.

How do I check due dates and renew online?
  • UCI material — sign into Library Search at Use your UCINetID to see a list of checkouts with due dates and an option to renew.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) material — use My ILL Requests. Log in with your library card number (no PIN needed) to request a renewal.
  • Some items cannot be renewed. Confirm due dates by signing in at
How do the email reminders work?

Automatic email reminders are sent for everything except hourly reserves.

  • Reminders are sent to your email address. Be sure to check your junk mail folder.
Emails are sent when Law Library material is:
  • due in 7 days
  • recalled (when somebody else wants to borrow the item)
  • overdue
  • lost
How do I get something that is already checked out?
  • You can recall most items. When you recall something in Library Search, the person who has it will get an email, and the due date will be moved up to 7-14 days from the recall date.
  • Hourly reserves cannot be recalled.
  • In a hurry? ILLs are often faster than recalls.


What happens if I have a fine?
  • You can't check out Law Library material, request ILLs, place recalls, or renew items until you pay your Law Library fine.
  • Fines $20.00 and over can result in additional late charges.
How do I pay fines?
  • Pay fines under $20.00 in person at the Law Library Front Desk. We can only accept cash.
  • Pay fines $20.00+ through the campus Financial Services Department. They accept payments by cash, check, and money order, or online by ACH debit from a bank account at
How much are fines?
  • $1.00 per day for most items
  • $2.00 per hour (or portion of an hour) for reserves
What if I lose something?
  • Items that are 28 days overdue are considered lost. You will be charged the cost of the item.
  • A $10.00 processing fee is added to all bills.
  • You can return a lost item after you get a bill. We will cancel the replacement cost part of the bill, but you will still owe the processing fee and any overdue fines.
  • Unpaid bills may prevent you from registering for classes.
  • Damaged items incur the same charges as lost items.
  • The Law Library does not accept replacement copies in lieu of payment.
What about fines from other UCI Libraries?
  • Law Library fines don't stop you from checking out items from other UCI Libraries, and fines from other UCI Libraries don't stop you from checking out items from the Law Library.
  • But a fine at any UCI library does block all renewal, recall, and ILL requests. So if you have a fine from any UCI Library, you can't 1) request an ILL, 2) renew items online, or 3) place a recall request online, regardless of where the fine is from.
  • The Law Library can't accept payment for material from other UCI Libraries.
  • See UCI Libraries Fines and Fees for more information.

Last Modified: Aug 3, 2018

Last Modified: Aug 3, 2018