Submissions to SSRN

ssrn logo Law faculty are welcome to submit articles to SSRN. The Law Library can also submit papers to SSRN for inclusion in the UCI Law & Legal Studies Research Paper Series, or in any other SSRN journal.

SSRN Process

1) Requests for papers go out via email.

An email request for SSRN submissions is sent by the Series Editor to all UCI Law Faculty, at least twice a year. The email asks about papers you would like to post or have recently posted to SSRN, and asks you to send papers (in PDF or Word format) and abstracts to the Law Library at, who can act as the UCI Law Submitter.

2) The Library provides document processing and data entry services.

If you have a paper you want us to submit, you provide basic information to the UCI Law Submitter. SSRN requires some information:

SSRN also allows optional information:

We submit your paper. Once the UCI Law Submitter obtains all the necessary information listed above, we add a cover page for the UCI Law & Legal Studies Research Paper Series, and we enter a new submission into My Papers on SSRN.

3) SSRN reviews, distributes, and confirms your submission.

  1. SSRN reviews your paper. Once the paper is submitted to SSRN, it is reviewed and approved by SSRN. This part of the process normally takes one to three days.
  2. SSRN distributes your paper to the eJournals you specified. Once your paper is approved, it is distributed to the eJournals you indicated. The UCI Law Submitter can track this process on the SSRN web site through My Papers.
  3. SSRN sends you a confirmation email. After your paper is posted and distributed, a confirmation email is sent to you and the UCI Law Submitter from SSRN.