Submissions to Scholastica

Scholastica is a online service for submitting articles to law reviews. The Law School has an institutional account, so all Law faculty submission fees are billed to the school. Law faculty can submit articles by going to the Scholastica website and following the instructions below. The Scholastica FAQ might answer any additional questions.

Submission Instructions

  1. Log in. Go to and click on "Submit a Manuscript." New user? Click "I need to sign up," to create an account using your email address which is automatically associated with the law school's institutional account. Scholastica will e-mail you a confirmation to verify your account. Every user has a unique account based upon their e-mail address.
  2. Select law reviews. A full list is organized alphabetically and additional law reviews can be loaded at the bottom. Alternately, use the search bar to locate a law review by name. Select the title of the law review and click the "Submit Manuscript" on the top right corner of the page. 
  3. Verify the list of law reviews to which you would like to submit your article and click "Next Step."
  4. Upload your article and related information
    • Enter your article's information under "Title," "Abstract," and "Keywords." Next, attach your document under "Primary Manuscript File." Find the document in your files and double-click on it. The document will automatically upload. Load your CV in similar fashion. 
    • Multiple authors? You can add co-authors under the heading "Authors." Select "Add New Author" at the end of the section and a new row will be created to enter a co-author's email address, name, and affiliation. 
  5. Review delivery details. Scholastica will allow you to confirm the details before final submission. Law faculty at UCI are covered by the Law School Scholastica account.