REQUEST is the Law Library research and information retrieval service for faculty at the Law School. REQUEST is the one stop shop for anything related to Library resources and services. 

What are REQUEST’s hours?

REQUEST is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Who can use REQUEST?

REQUEST is a service exclusive to UCI Law faculty. Visiting, joint-appointed, and adjunct faculty are also eligible to use REQUEST for requests related to their teaching at the Law School. 

Can my research assistant use REQUEST?

REQUEST is a service for faculty only.  However, our librarians can partner individually with your RA to ensure that they are able to locate and retrieve the materials they need. Please send RA partnering requests to

How do I submit a request to REQUEST?

Send an e-mail to and include as much information about your request as possible.  You can also submit a request in person or over the telephone, and your faculty assistant can also submit a request on your behalf. 

If I request a document or book, what happens next and how long does it take?

We will locate and retrieve the item, and deliver it to you.  Response times vary depending on availability, but we will try to provide you with requested materials within one to two business days.  If we need more information from you or if we are not able to provide you with materials within 48 hours, you will receive an e-mail from DocRequest, our document delivery branch.

If I send a list of items, how long does it take to receive all of the items on the list?

We will deliver the items as we receive them, rather than waiting for a one-time delivery.  Please allow at least one week to receive all of the items on a list of more than five document requests.  If you prioritize your list for us, we will work to fill the requests in that order.

In which format – paper or electronic – will I receive my requested item?

If an item is available electronically, we will download and save the document in your REQUEST folder on the UCI Law network.  If you prefer a paper version, we can work with your faculty assistant to coordinate printing or copying.  

What do the gold and orange flags in the books mean?

When we check a book out to you we will insert a flag/bookmark with the due date.  Gold-flagged books generally can be renewed unless they are recalled.  Orange-flagged books, however, need to be returned within a limited period of time, so please pay special attention to those items.

Are there any restrictions on what I can borrow from the Law Library?

Yes. Some items that normally do not circulate at all are available to faculty for 72 hours.

If I request assistance with a research project, what happens next?

A librarian will contact you through RefRequest, our research and reference branch, to discuss your project, including scope and time for completion.  We will work with you and try our best to personalize our service to meet your needs.

If I have REQUEST, do I need my own research assistant?

We encourage you to use your own RA when feasible, especially on longer-term or larger projects.  Librarians can partner individually with your RA to ensure that their research strategy is effective for the project they are assigned.

What types of research can REQUEST do for me?

Librarians are available for discrete and shorter-term projects.  Our services include but are not limited to: searching for cases or materials on a topic, researching legal and interdisciplinary issues, locating statistical information, and compiling bibliographies.  Do not hesitate to ask REQUEST; we will work with you to meet as many of your needs as possible.

If I request assistance with some other information need – course reserves, acquisition requests, current awareness, assistance with electronic resources, etc. – what happens next?

A librarian or staff member will contact you.  We will do our best to provide the assistance you need.

Does REQUEST take "rush" requests?

We do our best to accommodate emergency rush requests.  However, depending on availability of items and staff resources, we might not be able to meet your rush deadline.

How do I report a problem or check on the status of my request?

Send an e-mail to and we will investigate and respond as soon as possible.

How are books and print items delivered to me?

Deliveries are made Monday through Friday around 2:30 p.m.  We will knock on your office door and if no one answers, we will unlock the door and place your items on your chair.  Let us know if you would prefer that we deliver items to your faculty assistant instead.

How do I return borrowed books that are delivered to me?

Leave materials on your chair, give them to your faculty assistant, or send an e-mail to alerting us that you have materials to pick up.  We will retrieve them during the daily run and return them for you. You can also call 824-7261 to schedule a pick up.

Can REQUEST help me manage my Library account?

Yes, we check your account on a weekly basis and renew any items that are coming due.  If an item has been recalled or is unable to be renewed for some reason, we will alert you and pick it up during the next run.  Once each semester, we will also email an inventory of your Library account for your review.