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UCI Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies
and Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy

Conversations on Mental Health, Race, and Society

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Out in the Night

Thursday, January 22, 2015 • 5:00 p.m.

UCI Humanities Gateway 1070, McCormick Screening Room

This dialogue series sponsored by the Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy examines the intersections of law, race, society, and mental health through the use of dialogue and documentary.

The series provides a forum for thinking about the emotional, psychological, and mental health dimensions of social violence and discrimination, examining legal cases as a platform for the discussions. The series is moderated by Professor Michele Goodwin, Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Professor of Public Health and Gender & Women's Studies.

This event, sponsored by the UCI Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies, will shine a light on the ongoing LGBT civil rights struggle. After the film screening, Renata Hill and Terrain Dandridge, two of the defendants in the case, will participate in a Q & A session.

Additional co-sponsors: The Program in African American Studies; Departments of Asian American Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Criminology, Law & Society, and Film & Media Studies; Black Law Student Alliance; Cross-Cultural Center; LGBT Resource Center; OutLaw; Center in Law, Society, and Culture; Humanities Commons; Illuminations, the Chancellor’s UCI Arts and Culture Initiative; Campus Assault Resources & Education; Women & Gender Education Initiatives.

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Date & TimeLocationTopic
January 15
11:55 a.m.
EDU 1121
at UCI Law
Social and Political Violence
The Murder of Emmett Till
January 22
5 p.m.
UCI Humanities
Gateway 1070
Out in the Night
Two of the defendants will be present for Q & A after film screening
February 19
11:55 a.m.
EDU 1121
at UCI Law
White Flight and The Wage of Poverty:
Economic Discrimination in The 20th Century
Race—The Power of An Illusion: The House We Live In
March 26
11:55 a.m.
EDU 1121
at UCI Law
Sexual Violence Against Women And Girls
The 16 Year Old Killer: Cyntoia’s Story
April 9
11:55 a.m.
EDU 1121
at UCI Law
Affirmative Action Backlash in Historical Context:
Integration and the New Divide
Eyes on The Prize: Southern School Desegregation