Current Issue and Archive

Volume 3

Human Rights Litigation in State Courts and Under State Law
Number 1 - February 2013

Critical Race Theory and Empirical Methods
Number 2 - May 2013

Foxes, Henhouses, and Commissions: Assessing the Nonpartisan Model in Election Administration, Redistricting, and Campaign Finance
Number 3 - August 2013

Reigniting Community: Strengthening the Asian Pacific American Identity
Number 4 - December 2013

Volume 2

Persistent Puzzles in Immigration Law
Number 1 - February 2012

Governing the Magic Circle: 
Regulation of Virtual Worlds
Number 2 - June 2012

Business Law as Public Interest Law
Searching for Equality: A Conference on Law, Race, and Socio-Economic Class
Number 3 - December 2012

Volume 1

Inaugural Issue
Training for the Practice of Law at the Highest Levels: 
Reflections from UC Irvine
Number 1 - March 2011 

Bend or Break?
The Patent System in Crisis

Number 2 - June 2011 

"Law As . . ."
Theory and Method in Legal History
Number 3 - September  2011

Stopping the Pollution of the Planet:
The Evolution of Environmental Law
Number 4 - December 2011


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