Racial Inequity in the Tax System

Racial inequality is pervasive throughout the legal system, and the effects of disparate racial impact can be observed in the U.S. tax system. Tax breaks that favor the rich, like the capital gains preference, disproportionately benefit members of white households. Certain enforcement actions disproportionately impact members of racial minority households. This website, which will be updated regularly, contains resources for anyone interested in learning about the interaction of tax law and racial inequity. It contains academic research, stories from the popular press, blog posts, podcasts, testimony and additional resources.

This website comprises the following information: 
  • Academic Research
    Including: books, treatises, academic articles, and research reports
  • News
    Including: news articles, magazine articles, and news interviews
  • Blogs
    Including: blog articles and a list of tax-related blogs
  • Multimedia 
    Including: videos, podcasts, and a list of tax-related podcasts
  • Additional Resources
    Including: testimony, events, and resources

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