About the Center

The mission of the Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources (CLEANR) is to promote innovative research and catalyze concrete policy action in environmental and land use law.

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Through interdisciplinary research, education, dialogue, and public programming, CLEANR facilitates engagement with environmental issues among leading policymakers, practitioners, activists, scientists, scholars, and students. Building advocacy networks and promoting knowledge within and beyond the field, the center strives to advance law and policy on intractable environmental problems both locally and globally.

Action and Outcomes

CLEANR consistently works to direct its research and stakeholder engagement activities toward tangible outcomes in policy and environmental protection. Drawing from its Workshop Roundtables, the center publishes reports, white papers, and policy documents intended to frame debates, develop solutions, issue recommendations, and/or challenge existing regulations and practices. Other outcomes include:

  • Launching new national coalitions
  • Direct regulatory guidance
  • Interactive online tools
  • Model legislation
  • Congressional briefings
  • Informational workshops for officials and on-the-ground advocates

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