Prospective Students

The Career Development Office (CDO) at UCI Law supports you every step of the way in developing your unique career plan. Each UCI Law student works individually with an attorney advisor who conducts career counseling sessions, provides constructive feedback on application materials, and offers guidance to assist you in making informed career decisions and develop the professional skills necessary to enter the job market as competitive, practice-ready applicants.

The CDO also educates students regarding legal employment opportunities with public interest organizations, government entities, law firms, corporate legal departments and other practice settings by hosting panel discussions, presenting workshops covering a broad range of topics, including job search basics, self-assessment, and information on accessing opportunities, and by providing job search research resources. Our Timeline for 1Ls will give you an idea of when each of these items take place in your first year of law school. 

UCI Law students also gain access to employers through receptions with legal employers, recruiting events, and both on- and off-campus interview programs.

UCI Law students also have the opportunity to participate in the following unique programs:

ABA Judicial Clerkship Program

UCI Law is one of a limited number of law schools that participates in the ABA Judicial Clerkship Program (JCP). The JCP introduces law students from diverse backgrounds around the country to judges and law clerks. The program informs and educates the students as to the life-long benefits of a judicial clerkship. The program also encourages judges to consider students of color that they otherwise may not have considered for a judicial clerkship. This three-day program allows the law students to explore legal issues, perform legal research, prepare legal memoranda or briefs and defend their positions to their colleagues and the judges and pipeline members.

Gideon's Promise Law School Partnership Project

The Gideon’s Promise Law School Partnership Project (LSPP) is a three-year program that provides permanent employment, training/continuing legal education and support to recent graduates committed to public defense. The LSPP gives UCI Law graduates a unique opportunity to join a Gideon’s Promise partner public defense office that is working to improve criminal justice and transform indigent defense in areas where there is the greatest need. UCI Law is one of 18 law schools in the nation that partners with this organization. 

Legal Innovators

Legal Innovators is an Alternative Legal Service Provider that is changing the way the law approaches hiring, inclusion and diversity of junior legal talent through a two-year work-based program. UCI Law’s partnership with Legal Innovators provides graduates from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to be paired with law firms and corporate legal departments. Successful applicants will work as part of a corporate deal or litigation team and receive ongoing training and mentorship, providing a potential pathway into BigLaw or corporate legal departments.

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