I. Graduation Requirements - LL.M. in American Law

The candidate for the degree of Masters of Law (“LL.M.”) must pursue resident (full time) law school study for at least two semesters, and satisfactorily comply with the following

In order to be awarded an LL.M. in American Law, all students must complete the required course work with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.

Each candidate must earn a total of 24 semester units.

  1. Each candidate must earn a minimum of 21 units in regularly scheduled law school classes. (A candidate may earn more than 21 units in this type of class as well.) Regularly scheduled law school classes include:
    • a) School of Law courses and seminars, including courses cross-listed at the Law School, but originating in another school or department in the University;
    • b) School of Law clinics and clinical placements specifically approved for LL.M. students by the Associate Dean for Clinical Education and Service Learning;
    • c) LL.M. students may not transfer credits from:
      1. study at another ABA-approved law school;
      2. study in a foreign exchange program; or
      3. study in a foreign university.
  2. Each candidate may also earn up to 3 semester units in nonregularly scheduled classes at the School of Law and/or in nonlaw-school classes with prior approval. (A candidate may earn more than three units in this category so long as s/he has earned a minimum of 21 units in regularly scheduled law school classes.) These include:
    • a) Independent study work;
    • b) Non-law classes (See II. I.);
    • c) Research fellowships;
    • d) Externships (other than those deemed to meet the Law School’s clinical requirement);
    • e) Designated Advanced Clinics approved for LL.M. students.

Each LL.M. degree candidate must maintain a minimum course load requirement of 12 units each term. In extraordinary circumstances, a student may request a reduced course load as a disability accommodation. In collaboration with the UC Irvine Disability Services Center, and with the written permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Services, an accommodated student may enroll in a minimum of 10 or 11 units in a term.

  1. LL.M. students are required to enroll in and successfully complete:
    1. a) LL.M. Introduction to American Law (2 units fall).

Each candidate must complete satisfactorily all School of Law requirements within a maximum of three years. The three years are measured from enrollment in law school for the first time and up to graduation.