Public Service Scholarship

The UC Irvine School of Law places a strong emphasis on promoting public interest law. A significant part of that mission is to provide financial support for students dedicated to a career in public interest. A few Public Service Scholarships are offered to incoming and continuing law students who have demonstrated an exceptional dedication to public service, and are most likely to dedicate their legal careers to working on behalf of underserved communities and causes.

The Public Service Scholarship (PSS) requires a separate application.

Public Service Scholarships for J.D. Applicants:

The PSS for J.D. applicants comes with certain benefits and responsibilities.

The application for JD applicants was due March 6, 2024. Those interested in applying for a PSS can identify their interest and request an application when submitting their J.D. application to UCI Law. An application link will be e-mailed after we receive your J.D. application. Initial PSS awards will be made to admitted J.D. applicants before the initial SIR Deposit deadline.

Public Service Scholarships for Current UCI Law J.D. Students:

The PSS for current students comes with certain benefits and responsibilities.

The PSS application for current students is available in late spring. It is announced by the Office of Student Financial Services to the UCI student body and is placed in various communications from Student Affairs. The 2024 application is due by May 24, 2024. PSS awards will be announced for current students by mid-July.