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With prior permission, UCI Law promotes student scholarship by subsidizing submission fees when students submit article manuscripts to law reviews using ExpressO and Scholastica. Students are limited to $200 total during their time at UCI Law (unless students receive additional approval from their faculty advisor and Mari Kroll in the law library). Alumni are eligible for reimbursed ExpressO and Scholastica submissions for six months after graduation (or one year after completing a joint JD/PhD program) unless they have already reached their $200 maximum. The instructions below explain when and how to apply for reimbursement.

Reimbursements are available for student/alumni submissions only after your faculty advisor approves your manuscript for submission. Please upload documentation of your advisor’s approval (for example, an email exchange) and attach it to the Google Form linked below.

You must first use ExpressO to submit your article. Over 570 journals accept student submissions through ExpressO. After you create an account and select the journals you wish to submit to, fill out this form and wait for confirmation you are eligible for reimbursement before you pay ExpressO’s delivery fees. You will be notified whether you have been approved by email within 5-10 business days of submitting the form by Mari Kroll in the law library.

Scholastica is a similar, but more expensive, service. The law school only reimburses students and alumni for Scholastica if it is the only online method the journal uses to accept submissions. Use this form to apply and wait for confirmation you have been approved before you pay Scholastica’s fees.