Research Assistants

The Law Library partners with faculty research assistants at the Law School for specialized training and research assistance.

RA Partnering Program

The RA Partnering Program (RAPP) provides your research assistants with training and instruction.

When and how does it work?

  • Summer: At the end of the spring semester, the Research Law Librarian for Faculty Services solicits the names of summer research assistants.
  • School-year: You can also request RA Partnering at any time during the school year through
  • Email us the names and contact information for your RAs as soon as they are hired. This is especially helpful if you have hired students from outside the Law School who need to get up to speed on Law Library resources. We'll follow up with your RA to make arrangements. We can meet on-site in the Law Library, and we can also provide online training for RAs working remotely. 

What's covered?

  • How to find books, articles, data, or any other resource related to their work.
  • Using Law Library resources whlie off campus, if applicable.
  • Specialized research tools for your areas of interest.
  • Tailored instruction related to your current projects, if you've provided background on them.

Hiring RAs

For assistance with hiring student research assistants, contact the Law School's Human Resources department: