Volume 4: Issue No. 1 • March 2014


Table of Contents

Symposium Issue

“Law As . . .” II, History As Interface for the Interdisciplinary Study of Law


Foreword: “Law As . . .” II, History As Interface for the Interdisciplinary Study of Law
Christopher Tomlins

Articles & Essays

Every Law Tells a Story: Orthodox Divorce in Jewish and Islamic Legal Histories
Lena Salaymeh

Law As Temporality: Colonial Politics and Indian Settlers
Renisa Mawani

Routine Exceptionality: The Plenary Power Doctrine, Immigrants, and the Indigenous Under U.S. Law
Susan Bibler Coutin, Justin Richland, and Véronique Fortin

Repetition in History: Anglo-American Legal Debates and the Writings of Walter Bagehot
Kunal M. Parker

Standing on Shaky Ground: Criminal Jurisdiction and Ecclesiastical Immunity in Seventeenth-Century Lima, 1600–1700
Michelle A. McKinley

Demonic Ambiguities: Enchantment and Disenchantment in Nat Turner’s Virginia
Christopher Tomlins

Property, Law, and Race: Modes of Abstraction
Brenna Bhandar

Hargrave’s Nightmare and Taney’s Dream
Michael Meranze

Reconstructing the Limits of Schmitt’s Theory of Sovereignty: A Case for Law As Rhetoric, Not As Political Theology
Brook Thomas

Mannheim’s Pendulum: Refiguring Legal Cosmopolitanism
Thomas Kemple

Humane Killing and the Ethics of the Secular: Regulating the Death Penalty, Euthanasia, and Animal Slaughter
Shai J. Lavi

The Rescaling of Feminist Analyses of Law and State Power: From (Domestic) Subjectivity to (Transnational) Governance Networks
Mariana Valverde

Beyond Sexual Humanitarianism: A Postcolonial Approach to Anti-Trafficking Law
Prabha Kotiswaran

Political Theology with a Difference
Nomi Maya Stolzenberg

How to Speak Well of the State: A Rhetoric of Civil Prudence
Jeffrey Minson

Law As (More or Less) Itself: On Some Not Very Reflective Elements of Law
Shaun McVeigh


Judging HIV Criminalization: Failures of Judges and Commentators to Engage with Public Health Knowledge and HIV-Positive Perspectives
Tim Martin