Daniel Deacon

Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
Daniel Deacon


Administrative law, civil procedure, communications law


Daniel Deacon’s primary interests are in administrative law, civil procedure, and telecommunications and Internet regulation. His work has appeared in the Yale Law JournalColumbia Law ReviewVirginia Law Review, and NYU Law Review, among others. Topics he has written about include executive enforcement discretion, processes for deregulation, agency regulation of arbitration agreements, and the changing face of communications regulation in the United States. 

Current Courses:

Federal Courts

Prior Courses:

Legal Research and Writing (Harvard Law School), Administrative Law

  • Justice Scalia on Updating Old Statutes (With Particular Attention to the Communications Act), 16 COLO. TECH. L.J. 103 (2018) (invited contribution, 17th Annual Digital Broadband Migration Conference)
  • Agencies and Arbitration, 117 COLUM. L. REV. 991 (2017)
  • Administrative Forbearance, 125 YALE L.J. 1548 (2016)
  • Common Carrier Essentialism and the Emerging Common Law of Internet Regulation, 67 ADMIN L. REV. 133 (2015)