Linda Puertas

Appointed Counsel for the California Court of Appeal, Second District


Appellate litigation; dependency law


Linda Puertas is an appellate attorney with over ten years of teaching experience at UCI and USC Law Schools. Courses taught include: Evidence, Lawyering Skills, Written Legal Analysis, Juvenile Justice, and Research, Writing, and Analysis in American Law.

After earning her J.D. from UCLA School of Law, Linda Puertas clerked for Judge Christina Snyder of the Central District of California, Los Angeles.

Currently, Ms. Puertas serves as appointed counsel for the California Court of Appeal, Second District. Since 2013, Ms. Puertas has represented indigent parents and children through the California Appellate Project, Los Angeles, and Appellate Defenders, Inc. Her appellate successes include challenging the adequacy of the mental health services provided by the Department of Children and Family Services, and challenging the Department’s intervention into a family’s affairs based on a father’s medical marijuana use. 

Current Courses:


Prior Courses:

Research, Analysis, and Writing in American Law; Evidence; Legal Analysis of Evidence; Juvenile Justice Practicum; Trial Advocacy Workshop