Lisa Junghahn



Lisa has been helping students learn legal research methods and efficiently connect to information for almost 15 years. She has taught at Harvard Law School, Northeastern University School of Law, and Loyola Law School.

For Advanced Legal Research, Lisa likes to focus on the arrangement and interconnection of law and secondary sources. In class, we will take both a practical and philosophical approach to legal issues and identify how issues are filtered through legislative, administrative, and judicial processes, as well as through the 50 states and society. We will also use a range of resources and take a critical look at the legal publishing industry and major databases.

Lisa stumbled into the library profession while at law school, where she worked at the library’s circulation desk. Lisa sought a JD to help corporations manage regulations, and graduated with a passion for information and our due process rights. Her favorite document is the U.S. Constitution. She especially admires the Fourth Amendment, and is always motivated to talk search & seizure. Lisa is equally interested in administrative law, and is always happy to discuss securities regulation, corporate governance, and tax. Lisa’s hobbies include bicycling around Santa Monica and talking about financial planning. 

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