Christopher Fromm



Chris Fromm recently joined Themis Bar Review after 13 and a half years as the Executive Director of Institutional and Supplemental Programs for Kaplan Bar Review.  Chris has passed the bar exam in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Hawaii.  At Kaplan, Chris oversaw all educational aspects of Kaplan’s Institutional Programs, from hiring and training new lecturers to developing curriculum for more than a dozen schools and over 1000 students.  Additionally, Chris pioneered Kaplan’s Diagnostic Program in 2010.

Shortly after the ABA allowed law schools to provide credit for early bar preparation classes, Chris designed and implemented the first classes of this kind at Thurgood Marshall School of Law and Brooklyn Law School.  Since then, Chris has offered classes at over twenty schools nationwide teaching a wide range of topics and student groups including 2 Ls, 3 Ls, and LLMs.  Additionally, Chris has enjoyed national prominence as the “MBE Expert,” appearing on panel discussions, being featured in blog posts and regularly contributing to bar focused podcasts.

Chris was Kaplan’s Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam review lecturer.  Chris also served as Kaplan’s national lecturer on Evidence and all multiple choice related bar preparation videos.  Over the last decade, Chris has presented nationwide to faculty and administration on how to better prepare students for the bar exam, how to structure bar preparation courses, and how to better design existing academic support resources to maximize bar pass rates.

Chris is a former assistant district attorney serving Philadelphia’s citizens from 1999-2005.  Chris and his wife and son live in Redwood City, California.

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